Bonafide Acupuncture Reviews & Testimonials

Irene S

My experience with Bonafide Acupuncture has been superb.  Siraj had the experience and skills to determine and treat my health issues.  His focus is to work on the underlying cause of all symptoms, rather than superficially focusing on just one symptom.    This course of treatment not only worked to treat my initial reason for treatment; it also started to resolve other chronic long term issues.  It’s been years since I felt this good.   He approaches all treatments in a professional and gentle manner, which leads to a relaxing session.   The office in Prospect Heights is a neighborhood gem and is very conveniently located.  I highly recommend acupuncture with Siraj.

Hesham Mohamed

I have to say the best Acupuncturist. have been to few before and they just threw in needles into where pain is but Siraj actually is a doctor diagnosed me like no other. i have had back pain for years was thinking of surgery. He was able to explain the root cause of  pain and treat it accordingly. 6 months now I have No back pain No surgery and my sleep and digestion is great. He was able to recomend diet and herbs to support since he also is an Herbalist  if i went some place else they would have just put needles where the problem is. he is definetly unique for anyone looking for real longterm solutions listen to him he can help.

I was also able to receive Massage from Alec since my insurance covers also amazing love this combination

Jaleel Glasgow

I have been working with Siraj for several months and it has been great. I began treatment for difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep, brain fog/focus, and lack of energy. He was able to explain to me the process of recovery and getting to the source of these issues. Through the process, he was able to address issues I have always experienced that I thought were normal but were not such as eye floaters, night sweats, and dizziness. (Which I no longer experience) He also offered herbs that helped the process.


Overall, it has been a great experience as I feel at my best and sleep the best I ever have along with extreme mental clarity - firing on all cylinders! Sleeping through the entire night without waking up is not something I've ever experienced. He is extremely knowledgeable within the field and will work to treat the root cause and not a quick fix.

Emily Kovacs

Absolutely great! Dr. Siraj is professional and very knowledgeable. I've been seeing him for a few months for IBS and migraine headaches, and I have seen a drastic improvement-he has helped me feel more like myself again. Highly recommend!

Gail Gentile

I have found Dr.Siraj treatment with very positive results. He has taken good care in all of my treatments. Dr.Siraj is gentle, patient and knowledgeable. I have recommended him to family and friends.

Thank you, Dr Siraj

Sid Izakzonas

Have been seeing Dr. Siraj for a few months now. Initially for my sciatica which was alleviated after a few weekly sessions. We have begun treatments for my chronic asthma and can honestly say I’ve never felt better. I look forward to seeing Dr. Siraj every week. Very well mannered and down to earth. Recommend to anyone seeking alternative medicine and therapy.


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