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We have experienced the healing properties of acupuncture for ourselves and want to help you obtain the same level of care. Our trained staff has many years of experience and is excited to share their skills with you.

A woman in Brooklyn is receiving acupressure on her back for fertility purposes.


Experience the benefits of traditional Chinese acupuncture, an age-old healing practice which can help alleviate physical and emotional pain. Our skilled acupuncturists use thin needles to stimulate specific points in the body, which can also be effective in infertility treatment for females. When medically appropriate, acupuncture can increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

At Bonafide Acupuncture & Herbs, we specialize in classical Chinese acupuncture while also offering other types of acupuncture treatments. To learn more about our many acupuncture treatment sessions, please visit our dedicated acupuncture page.


Acupuncture can improve blood flow and reduce pain levels while also normalizing inflammation. It can also help increase fertility and decrease the risk of miscarriage by improving circulation.

Acupuncture treatment can be beneficial for couples who are struggling with infertility. It is also useful for patients undergoing a fertility program like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). As acupuncture is a natural therapy, couples who are struggling to conceive appreciate the natural route it offers. Additionally, couples undergoing IVF are often looking for ways to increase their chances of conceiving while avoiding a miscarriage. In such cases, fertility acupuncture in Brooklyn can provide effective assistance.

Acupuncture for Hormone Regulation

Multiple studies have shown acupuncture improves IVF outcomes. One of the reasons it does this is through hormone regulation.

Acupuncture for Increased Blood Flow to the Uterus & Endometrium

Acupuncture that is specifically targeted to increase blood flow to the uterus increases fertility rates in women.


Acupuncture is effective at reducing painful cramping and pelvic discomfort for women with endometriosis. The acupuncture and fertility benefits are proven to minimize uterine spasms and cramping

Acupuncture for Decreased Stress Levels

Women with elevated stress hormones do seem to take longer to get pregnant and have higher infertility rates. Acupuncture offers stress management while also benefitting the immune system, all of which optimize fertility.

Acupuncture for Improved Sleep Levels

Routine sleep habits are important for women trying to conceive. Good sleeping habits are essential for healthy hormone balance, regulating blood sugar levels, and healthy immune system function.


Statistically, men and women struggle with infertility equally, though it is more difficult to determine the infertility factors for women. Interestingly, research shows acupuncture benefits three main categories, which result in better fertility: poor uterine blood flow, poor or absent ovulation, and poor sperm quality.

At Bonafide Acupuncture & Herbs, we use electrical stimulation massage cupping guasha herbal supplements to help you experience the best acupuncture to increase fertility in Brooklyn, NY. We are experts in this field. Schedule an appointment now.

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