Specializing in Acute & Chronic Conditions to Treat the Root of the Problem


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Experience the Healing Power of Acupuncture in Brooklyn

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has provided holistic healing to millions for thousands of years using modalities like acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas. At Bonafide Acupuncture & Herbs, we incorporate these time-honored techniques of acupuncture in Brooklyn, NY, to treat chronic health conditions and restore wellness to patients.

Our welcoming clinics in Park Slope and Bay Ridge offer personalized care from licensed acupuncturists. We address the root causes of your health concerns, not just the symptoms.

Personalized Care from Licensed Acupuncturists in Brooklyn

A doctor's hand holding a stethoscope, offering acupuncture in Brooklyn.

Bonafide Acupuncture & Herbs’ team of compassionate professionals will discuss your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle, and overall wellness goals. Then we'll design a customized treatment protocol using the modalities that will be most effective for your needs.

A woman receiving acupressure in a massage room at an acupuncture clinic in Brooklyn.

We empower patients to actively heal with acupuncture, herbal formulas, dietary guidance, stress reduction techniques, and at-home care. With your willingness to make positive lifestyle changes, you'll continue progressing long after your treatment series concludes.

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Experience Nature Inspired Therapies for Complete Relaxation & Healing

"The vital energy of the body courses through its pathways like rivers flowing through the valleys."

Find Relief from Stress & Pain with Our Therapeutic Massage Treatments

At Bonafide Acupuncture, we offer a variety of massage therapies inspired by ancient practices of Asian traditions that will melt away your aches, pains, and stresses. Whether you opt for our Shiatsu, Medical, Pregnancy, or Deep Tissue massage, all of our techniques are carefully performed by experienced massage therapists to address specific concerns and relax both your body and mind.

Ancient Healing Techniques Through Shiatsu Massage

Our Shiatsu massage follows the principles of traditional Japanese bodywork by applying focused pressure to meridian lines and key points through comforting kneading and stretching methods. These strategic touches effectively unblock chi flow, improve circulation, and eliminate fatigue. For chronic headaches, back pain, or digestive issues, Shiatsu can provide both relief and healing over time.

Targeted Relief with Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deeper issues requiring therapeutic relief may find our Deep Tissue massage most helpful. Our Medical Massage seamlessly pairs with other therapies like acupuncture to alleviate pinched nerves, back injuries, and more. Expect improved mobility and a revitalized sense of well-being. The practitioner uses slow strokes and deep finger pressure to realign tight muscle groups and release “knots.”

This is highly recommended for those with chronic muscle spasms, stiffness, or immobility due to an accident or sports injuries. With consistent sessions, you can regain motion and comfort.


Don't live with chronic health issues any longer. Turn to Bonafide Acupuncture in Brooklyn for holistic healing based on ancient wisdom and modern integrative care. Call today to schedule an appointment at our Park Slope or Bay Ridge clinic.

We accept most major insurance plans and are conveniently located near multiple subway lines. Experience acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine tailored exactly to your needs. Your optimal wellness is within reach.