Acupuncture Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief

A woman with acupuncture needles on her shoulder receiving treatment for neck pain.

Acupuncture is effective for shoulder pain relief. Two independent investigations find acupuncture effective for the alleviation of scapulohumeral periarthritis, which involves inflammation of the shoulder region (including the tendons, muscles, and bursa). Both investigations determined that acupuncture successfully improves shoulder function and reduces or eliminates pain. Panjin Central Hospital, researchers conclude that “acupuncture can significantly…

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Herbal Medicine Mental Illness Relief

A pile of yellow petals, representing the beauty and therapeutic properties of herbal medicine, on a serene white background.

Chinese herbal medicine is an effective measure for the treatment of mental disorders. Independent investigations find Chinese herbal medicine effective for the reduction of symptoms associated with a type of mental illness, termed Bai He disease within the traditional Chinese medicine system. Researchers note that Bai He disease directly correlates to the modern diagnostic term…

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Acupuncture Promotes Healthy Weight Reduction

A woman undergoing acupuncture for healthy weight reduction with needles on her stomach.

Acupuncture demonstrates positive effects in supporting healthy weight reduction along with the alleviation of hunger sensations, fatigue, and abdominal distension. A widespread health concern, over 4 million people die annually due to complications caused by excess weight. A body mass index in excess of 25 is defined as overweight and greater than 30 is defined…

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Acupuncture Painkilling Effects For Sinus Surgery​​

A person's hand with an acupuncture needle on it, targeting sinus pressure for relief.

Acupuncture exerts anesthetic effects and reduces requirements for anesthetic drug use during endoscopic sinus surgery. Researchers from the Shuguang Affiliated Hospital (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) combined acupuncture with general anesthesia. Patients receiving both general anesthesia and acupuncture in a combined treatment protocol had superior patient outcomes compared with patients receiving only anesthetic drugs.…

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Acupuncture Chemotherapy Neuropathy Relief

An acupuncture needle being placed on a person's arm to alleviate neuropathy.

Acupuncture alleviates neuropathic symptoms due to chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) in breast cancer survivors. A randomized-controlled trial was conducted at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Boston, Massachusetts). The results demonstrate that an 8-week intensive acupuncture protocol (18 sessions) greatly reduces pain intensity levels, pain interference, and average pain levels. The results also show significant improvements in…

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